Company Features


From small beginnings we have grown into an innovative and established international business covering markets around the globe. We continue to drive the business forward with ongoing product development and innovative design, along with quality, value and experience, complying with the necessary legislation in each respective country.


Our design and product development teams work constantly to develop new products across all our brands ensuring we are always ahead with new trends and market developments.


We work closely with our customers at all times to be certain we provide a seamless wholesale service providing quality products and superb value for money.


All of our testing is done by independent, internationally-accredited laboratories ensuring
that our customers have fully compliant products for RMS.
This is managed by a highly experienced QC team in the UK.

Who We Are

From our beginnings over 35 years ago, RMS International has grown into an international company with offices and showrooms over four continents. Since our founding we have developed steadily, adding dedicated and talented employees at every step of the way and ensuring that every expansion we make serves a purpose and works to increase our success. We have opened offices in Shanghai (2003), Hong Kong (2007), the USA (2008) and Australia (2017), achieving global reach and creating an effective, international business model.

Adding value and efficiency to our customers’ operations is at the core of everything we do, whether developing and testing new products or shipping and marketing goods to lucrative markets all over the world.

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