The European office of RMS International is strategically located in Luchthavenweg, Eindhoven, within walking distance from Eindhoven airport. This accessibility allows clients from various European countries to easily visit for meetings, product presentations, and discussions. The vibrant business environment in the Eindhoven region fosters valuable partnerships and connections. Trade shows and product launches are conveniently organized, allowing clients and partners to experience the fantastic range of products firsthand. The office's strategic location enhances accessibility, making RMS International a reliable and preferred partner for clients throughout Europe.

Our European branch is rapidly becoming a leader in crafts, stationery, and toys across Europe due to our strategic expansion into new product areas. By diversifying our offerings and staying ahead of trends, we attract new customers and increase loyalty among existing ones. Adapting quickly to market changes and introducing innovative products has earned us a reputation as a trendsetter. This, along with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, makes us a preferred supplier for consumers and retailers across Europe. Our expansion also opens new distribution channels and partnerships, allowing us to reach new markets. Strategic investments in manufacturing, distribution, and marketing support our growth. We remain dedicated to innovation and customer-centricity as we solidify our position as a leading provider of crafts, stationery, and toys throughout Europe and beyond.

Office Services


Our in-house design studio can create and update designs and bespoke packaging for any of our European customers


We have a strong focus on product development where there is a continuous influx of new core products and trends


RMS compromises of the recognised Award winning brand named Grafix, which is acknowledged for its innovative and value for money stationary, arts and craft and activity ranges.


Our strong focus on quality assurance is embedded in all of our company procedures and processes, guaranteeing quality and safety of our products

Our new showroom complex, located in Eindhoven, has over 2000 items continually being updated.
Please contact us if you wish to arrange a visit to our showroom or to discuss any project needs you may have.

As an organization, we support initiatives such as BSCI and are certified for this code of conduct. BSCI offers companies a code of conduct which supports them in their efforts to establish an ethical supply chain. This code of conduct is based on international treaties that protect the rights of employees.

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